Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1.26.10 - Tuesday

4:50 am water/vitamin/ester-c/zinc
5:10 am coffee
5:45 am water
6:30 am water
7:15 am coffee
7:45 am coffee
9:00 am coffee
10:00 am waterx2
12:00 pm Coffee
1:45 pm water
2:30 pm water
4:00 pm Main Meal
steamed broccoli and green bean
Burrito - 1/2 cup Quinoa and black beans, heaping table spoon of guacamole and hummus, hot sauce
Burger with bacon
yogurt with starwberries
PWO - almonds
water x3

1 comment:

nate b said...

This burrito sounds good...I love quinoa and guac.

I have been trying intermittent fasting the way this guy Lean Gains describes it and I have been enjoying it. Basically, 16-hr fast and you eat between 1-8.