Monday, January 31, 2011

1.31.11 - back to logging

Well I am back on the WD. Also in the middle of quitting the can(smokeless tobacco). So I need to start this back up.

5:00 am - water/ester-c/zinc/D3. piece of cheese Chantix - I have to take it with food.
5:30am - english breakfast tea
6:30 am coffee
7:00 am water
8-10 am coffee x2
11:00 am black tea
12:00 pm - water
12:30 pm water
1:30 pm - green tea
3:00 pm water
4:00 pm main meal
4 egg omelet with lots of spinach
steamed broccoli
organic tortilla chips
pb & honey on wheat
weight watcher fudge pop
7:30 pm almonds/grill cheese on wheat/greek yogurt w/honey/Protein/Creatine/Glutamine drink
8:30 pm water
9:30 pm water
10:30 pm water