Thursday, November 29, 2012

11/12/12 - Food Intake

5:30 am - water/zinc/ester-c/green coffee bean/rapsberry ketones/magnesium oil

6:30 am water

6:45 am coffee

7:45 am double expresso and coffee

9:00 am double expresso and coffee x2

11:00 am 24oz water

12:10 pm coffee

2:00 pm water

4:00 pm water

5:00-9:00 pm Main Meal


2 servings Lasagana

garlic bread

2 grill cheese


2 chocolate covered Cheeries



10:00 pm water

11/28/12 - Back to tracking and the Warrior Diet

After playing around the last year by going back to eating 3 square meals a day, I have come to my senses and gone back to the WD. Over Thanksgiving, went back home for some good southern cooking. Stuck to the WD, ate like my last name and still lost 4.5 lbs. Awesome

Today's food

water 24oz/5000IU D3/100mg zinc/1000Mg Ester-c/ Magnesium Oil 4 sprays
water 24oz
pot and a half of black coffee
handful of Almonds and tortilla chips
Main Meal
Serving of sweet n sour chicken
serving of Chicken rice
2 grill cheese